Feeling disconnected from your body & your heart.
Unsure on your Life's Purpose
What it's like to be a dreamer- the 'rainbow sheep' of your family
How difficult breaking patterns of self sabotage may be.
How depleting giving all of your energy to others can be.
That sometimes we grow *out* of a specific religion & start to crave the Spiritual Path.

And this is exactly what my Coaching is Centered around.

Becoming Self.Made

So you can take your energy back.

So you can pursue your dreams.

So you can get to know yourSelf on a deep spiritual level.

So you can level up in every single area of your life.

This is the space I hold for my clients. And with Human-to-Human coaching, you never EVER feel like I am on a pedestal looking down at you. No, I am walking right beside you. Through some of your limiting beliefs & darkness. So that by the time we are finished working together, you are ready to Shine your Light into the world. It is in all of us, and I am honored to offer this work to my tribe.