My mission is to raise the energetic vibration of people & our planet.

Through teaching & sharing the Power of the Heart.

I believe Love is the most potent medicine.


through Heart-Centered Coaching


I have a deep passion for helping individuals get started on their Spiritual path & connect on a deeper level to themselves, others, & our Planet. Click below to learn more about my group & individual coaching programs as well as virtual courses rooted in the exploration of Self. I teach & work with the tools of heart connection, meditation, emotional intelligence & spirituality to take you to your next level.

through Adventure & Play


One of my favorite parts of my work is taking people on epic adventures around the world to play, connected & explore our own greatness. My events & retreats are rooted in the power of love that can transform our planet. There is no better time than now to discover the tools of transformation that lead to lasting happiness. And to do it alongside others is icing on the cake! Check out my upcoming events!

through workshops & events


The time for awakening the consciousness of our planet is now. I'm committed to working with companies & organizations that are prioritizing the health of their people & our planet. My Collaborations are completely heart-centered which is often a breath of fresh air in a mind-focused world. Click below to learn more about the organizations I work with & possibilities on creating magic, together.

For as long as I can remember,

I have been a Girl who wanted to 'Change the World.' It wasn't until *well* into my twenties that I realized that if I wanted to do that, first I needed to change some things within myself.

I had a wonderful childhood in rural Indiana, but some family trauma that I never quite knew how to deal with resurfaced in my life through multiple bad choices in my teenage years & ultimately going on a wild streak through much of my young life. I was desperate for others love & approval. I was reckless in my actions and came close to losing it all several times. On top of that, I had very low self esteem & poor body image from years of being called 'Dan the Man' for being such a strong muscular woman.

Around the year 2014 after several years of repeating the same bad habits, I hit rock bottom & knew deep down that it was ME who was going to be responsible for how my life was unfolding. So, I DOVE IN to my personal development & learning about who Danielle really is; without all of the shame & trauma & past pain. It was truly liberating!

I started with physical transformation & won my WBFF Pro Fitness Model Card, became a personal trainer & started an online community for women that helped over 300 women transform in 4 years. As my own journey progressed, my interest in Mindset, Spirituality & Energetic Awareness started to burn bright & in 2016 I completed my 200 hour meditation teacher training & went on to several more personal development & spiritual growth seminars.

Now, my work is rooted in simply being LOVE in the world. I love nothing more than seeing a person step into their full potential & I am honored to be a catalyst now for the journey of many men & women across the world. I weave tools of Heart Energetics, Chakra System, Breathwork, Mindfulness, Movement & Spirituality into a New Paradigm cocktail of coaching & leadership that I am so proud to offer the world.

Thank you for being here with me! Please connect to see how we can co-create magic together!

Coaching from Experience

"Had a one on one session with Danielle and just wow! She helped me put a plan in place and work on some goals. My favorite part was pulling the angel card and getting a personalized meditation that I can listen to everyday. Absolutely loved my session!" Maria C.

"I highly recommend working with Danielle. I recently went to her because I was having a hard time visualizing my goals. She created a sacred and safe space for me. She helped me become completely clear on the path I need to take to achieve my 2019 dreams/goals. I’ve never had this much clarity, commitment and faith in making my dreams come true. At the end of our session she created a powerful personalized 10 minute guided visualization/meditation for me. I listen to it daily to keep me focused on WHY I want to achieve my goals, and HOW I will achieve them. 2019 is my year!." Lori S.

"Danielle helps me feel accepted, loved, strong, capable and motivated to be the most authentic, integrated and best version of myself. Her radiant light and the encouragement she shares is truly transformational!" Jennifer G.

Prioritizing Impact

sustainable development.png

Throughout my career, it's become increasingly clear that my business must be rooted in making an impact. Here are the areas of the Global Sustainable Development Goals I am Prioritizing through my work:

#3 Good Health & Well-Being: Through providing resources in meditation, spirituality & healthy living.

#4 Quality Education: By providing thorough training & resources on Emotional & Energetic Intelligence.

#5 Gender Equality: By doing work with both women & men on how we can co-create & better support each other in healing ourselves & our planet.

#10: Reduced Inequality: By spotlighting men & women of all colors & walks of life coming together to support one another. Speaking & Sharing about Oneness.

#13: Climate Action: Through our Empowerment Jewelry brand,
Self Love Stones, We plant trees for every stone purchased.