A Call to the Leaders


The Leader who knows that it’s time to step up. It’s time to Level Up. And, it’s time to Show up in the world as the Bright Light you now know you are!

Light Leader Mastermind is a group container for the big dreamers, bright lights, empowered individuals who desire to inspire others on their path of mind/body wellness. This group is designed to give you tools & teachings on transformation & leadership that will help you show up as the most Empowered Version of Yourself. Whether you own a business, are interested in starting a business, or would like to infuse your current career with more magic & miracles, This Group is For You! Light Leader Mastermind will give members access to deeper levels of self-awareness, spirituality & personal development. 

We are Ready for You!

"We must be the Change we wish to see in the World" -Gandhi

- Two monthly virtual Group Coaching Lunch & Learns 

    Every other Tuesday starting 11/24  12-1pm CST

- 1 monthly virtual Circle, Movement & Breathwork Class

    First Thursday of the month 7-8pm CST

- Telegram Group Chat


- Special VIP Rates on Workshops, Courses & Retreats

**recordings of the Live sessions are sent out to all members

Light Leader Mastermind November 2020 Cohort Will Journey through:

-The person ready to launch an impact-based business who wants support for the journey

-The parent who desires to be a heart-based leader of the family

-The man or woman who wants to bring spirituality into the workplace

-The new entrepreneur who wants tools for growth & expansion in business

-The spiritual leader who desires a community of like-minded individuals

Friends! This incredible project is coming to life & I am SO EXCITED to offer Light Leader Mastermind to the people in my life ready for some serious growth & up-leveling.

Seven years ago, I started my journey in impact entrepreneurship & it’s been a wild beautiful ride.

Over the years, there has been common themes & areas of massive growth I’ve experienced. My intention with this group container is to inspire you & give you tools for your own leadership in the world. For the business you will create, the way in which you will lead your family, your career, your community, your world.

Light Leader Mastermind is for you if you can feel the call to create ripples of positive change in the world, and do it alongside a group of inspired magical beings.

We are Ready for You!

Light Leader Mastermind is a membership-based container.

Enroll for 4 monthly payments of $75

November 2020 Cohort starts 11/24

Finishes 2/23

Space is limited to the first 20 leaders!