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A Lesson in Love.

Dear Blog Readers/Beautiful Souls-

I hope this finds you well, rejuvenated & ready to take on the world. Or maybe that's just how I feel after 3 weeks of galavanting around celebrating this new chapter of my life. My travels took me home to Indiana & to a cruise in Italy to speak at the Women of Global Change's annual summit. More on the entire experience to come- but this week I wanted to talk about something specific that happened while on the cruise. And that was, LOVE.

If you know me you know that most of everything I do is about love. My giant heart comes from my grandma & seeing her just simply BE love, every day of her too short life. It seemed a little scary at first to show up around all of these powerful women with the mission to just BE Love, but the response that I got was more than I could have ever imagined. Because I allowed myself to simply BE love, for the first time in a long time I felt zero stress or worry or anxiety being around others. No intimidation around 'wow, she's so much further than me' or 'dang, I wish my businesses were as successful as hers'. Nope, just Pure Love. Accepting myself for all that I am & all that I am becoming. Accepting those around me for their magic & their greatness. Truly living & operating from my heart space. And boy, was it magic.

I'd like to share just one moment in particular that really stuck out to me. Every morning on the cruise, I offered a yoga class for people from our summit to come start their day connected to their mind & body. The class took place on one of the top decks of the ship & overlooked the cotton-candy colored horizon. We had a nice little group of people showing up each day for the class & I was very happy to hear that they were loving my teaching & approach to the ancient practice of Yoga. One morning in particular, there were two Japanese men having coffee on the deck before class. It was quite obvious that we didn't speak the same language but as I rolled out the mats, I simply smiled & gestured to them that they could join us. Without hesitation, each of them took a place on a mat. They did the whole class with us & I could tell that was probably their first yoga class EVER, especially surrounded by a bunch of Americans.

At the very end of the class, after we all bowed our heads with gratitude & appreciation, one of the looked up at me with a giant smile & brokenly said 'Good Energy'.

Those two men & their willingness to trust me that morning taught me something huge. That by BEING love- we can break huge barriers. By BEING love, we can attract new people into our lives. By BEING love, we can help others massively. I know it's not easy to walk around feeling joy & love all the time. And I am not asking you too. But I am asking you to put yourself in a place where you can Feel, Exude, Attract & Give more love than what feels normal. NOTICE what shows up! We have the capacity to love in ways that the world has not yet known- and when we All start showing up in our lives with More Love in Our Hearts, I am confident that our world will heal. You are a big ball of love wrapped in a fleshy body with complicated emotions. I invite you to open that heart & see what greatness you attract in return.

And of course,

I Love You.

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