A Letter to My Home-y

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

I am reading/completely smitten with Peta Kelly’s book ‘Earth is Hiring’. Something about her pioneering of the language around the new ‘Conscious Business Arena’, makes my heart sing. You see, I’ve been in business with my soul for over 5 years now. Completely flipping the middle finger to conventional lifestyle-design & blazing a path of creation. It’s been FILLED with joy, triumphs, tears & terrifying moments. Sometimes, I’ve had no idea where I would live the next month. Sometimes, I’ve had no idea how I would pay for my next cell phone bill. But all the time, I’ve been protected by my vision & I’ve grown this Entire Damn Time. And now, I'm creating my dreams powerfully fully supporting myself & growing 3 businesses while traveling freely. Magic happens!

So, Peta says, to get clear on who you can help & who will benefit most from hearing your message; you must define who your true ‘Home-ys’ are. Your Home-ys are the people who find comfort in your words. They feel at 'home' with your teachings. They are the ones who listen to your message & their soul gets moved to the point where they take action in their own lives. The people who have your BACK as you have theirs. The people who take your teachings & go out into the world blazing their own path; because THAT’S how we make the world a better place.

So, as I become very Clear that I no longer desire to serve everyone; an open letter to the people who I truly desire to welcome into my circle; my Home-ys.

My Home-y:

You’re probably reading this to escape the normal stresses of your life. The stresses that you now realize are bullshit. Home-y you’ve probably been working VERY hard over the past 1,5,10,20 years at creating a life that everyone *thought* you should have- and now, you’re pretty much done with all that. You’re done with several things, actually. Women, You’re done with societies pressure on us women to look a certain way. You’re done with seeing the women around you constantly modifying their appearance to fit these standards. If you're a man, you're done with the societal pressure to 'man-up' and not admit the fact that you have real fucking emotions inside of you. In the health arena, you’re done with diets & with cookie-cutter gyms. You’re done with our healthcare system & the sickness that’s running rampant in our society. You’re done with darkness & hate & prejudice. You’re really ready to welcome more love into your life. 

My Home-y, you’re QUITE curious! You’re curious about consciousness. About your inner voice. About eating more plant-based foods & fueling your body in a different way. You’re curious about natural healing, natural beauty, and nature in general. You feel at peace when you go outside and adventure in nature. You’re super curious about YOU. Who are You? What is Your Purpose? Is there MORE to life? Yeah, this comes up a lot for you. And you don’t want to feel alone in that anymore.

My Home-y, like me, you probably have doubts. You probably feel overwhelmed at times like the world is spiraling out of control. But deep within you, you can FEEL that there’s something that can be done. That if you just focus on making yourself happy, that somehow the world can start changing. And gorgeous, THAT is what we are here to do. So because of all of this, you have desire.

You are SO FULL of desire! A desire to change your self talk & be on your own team. A desire to create a life that feels good. To create DAYS that feel good. A desire to make a difference in the world. It could be feeding the hungry, addressing human trafficking, cleaning the oceans, or preserving our forests. Whatever it is, there’s a fire burning deep within you home-y that you cannot ignore any longer. And that’s okay, because you’re SUPPORTED here! You can feel that you have a voice within you that maybe you’ve been silencing, but not anymore.

And finally home-y, You’re Ready. You’re ready to make changes. You’re ready to listen to your heart. You’re ready to serve in a bigger way. And you’re ready to love unconditionally. You many not know how all of this will unfold, and you do not have to my love. You just need to BELIEVE that you’re incredible. You just need to be still & be silent & surrender the noise. It is my deepest desire to serve you, home-y. To create a connection with you that supports the incredible ball of light that you are. I am committed to you, my home-y. I am committed to give you all that I have & all that I have learned about Loving Ourselves & Loving Others. I truly believe that we are unstoppable together, my homey. So let’s change our world, shall we?

I Love You-


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