Botox is Bullshit

Big statement. This is going to open a can of worms. But- if I cared too much about that then I wouldn’t be able to speak authentically. The truth is, I do NOT desire to ruffle any feathers here. I DO desire to create some conversation around something that has been weighing on me so very heavily lately. Something that sits with me & continues to remind me that THIS needs to be addressed.

So. I’m calling out Botox (first, I’m sure there’s more to come from this, ha!)

I mean, I’m not going to go out & hold a crude poster board in front of botox centers or burn my bra screaming feminist profanities, BUT I am going to take a stance on this, now, as I’m reminded of how much it has severely fucked up the mentality of our women. 

Aging. The ‘dreaded’ process of wrinkles settling into our faces & silver streaking it’s way through our hair. All I’ve ever known in my Western-ized scope of the world was that aging is something to absolutely not embrace. That as women as we get older we lose our value. We start to sag & soften & God-forbid we start to get little lines on our faces.  I’m now convinced that is about more than the wrinkles. I’m not convinced that this is about a deep programmed mindset that is absolute bullshit. 

And men? Why are they not going doing this by the millions? Well, because they don’t give a shit. Because they aren’t constantly inundated by media with women who are now starting to look like someone from the Hunger Games. I hate what plastic surgery & botox has done to women. I hate that it’s smoothed out the character that develops over time & experience. I hate that our little girls are seeing all of this. I hate that my friends at 30 are getting botox & I HATE that a little piece of me starts to judge the deep wrinkles on my forehead. That’s right, I get self-conscious about my lines & have to constantly remind myself that injecting bacteria into my face to freeze the cells is NOT the answer. And did you know that you get PHYSICALLY ILL after you get a botox injection? 




It is my deepest desire to turn a light on in women that helps them embrace their enough-ness. That helps them walk through their days without a fucking care in the world about what they LOOK like- rather how they FEEL. To walk through their days knowing that they are beautiful creators filled with magic. Filled with love to give the world. And filled with badassness to reach their goals. Everything else we are being shown & told is just bullshit. It’s just a money-hungry machine wanting our women to not embrace the NATURAL process of walking through this life. Yes, it involves wrinkles. Yes, it involves softening & changing & most importantly EVOLVING. I love getting older. I love approaching 30, gaining more clarity on the woman I desire to be in the world. 

Ladies, you are incredible. Take care of yourself. Wash your face, exfoliate, moisturize naturally, eat clean healthy foods, sweat, move your body, make love, detox often, laugh a fucking TON & you won’t give a shit what your face looks like.  Botox or no botox. Be in your truth around this & if you go & do it, I will still love you. I just want YOU to love you. No matter freaking what. Radical Self Love is the objective here. And once we achieve that, we become un-fucking-stoppable.

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