Finding Your Movement Muse

Ladies, it’s time we shed light on a new approach moving our beautiful bodies!

I cannot emphasize this enough, moving your body is vital to creating lifelong health and well-being. It is a stress-blaster, sleep-improver, mind-stimulator and the KEY to powerfully conquering your days. Move your body consistently and the benefits of this commitment will trickle into your life in incredible ways. Ladies, this evolution is not to be taken lightly! So if you’re ready to commit to moving your body in a new way…. I now introduce you to your “Movement Muse”.

What exactly is a Movement Muse? Let’s dive in.

When I started my healthy living journey in 2011, I basically committed to any sort of popular exercise that was trending in fitness magazines. I trained for half marathons, ran Spartan races, did countless Pilates videos on YouTube and trolled gyms doing squats — because big, firm butts are ‘in’ right? My overall goal was to burn as many calories as possible so that I could appear fit and healthy. I was totally missing the point. The pinnacle occurred in 2014 when I competed in, and won, a WBFF Fitness Competition. For 16 weeks I trained tirelessly, counted every macronutrient and envisioned success as the only option. The experience was not only “successful” by my old measure, but also eye-opening.

What I realized that day as I stood on the stage was that my true desire was to develop a relationship with moving my body that did not depend on LOOKING a certain way. Rather, I wanted to FEEL a certain way. I didn’t only want to be happy with my body, I just wanted to be HAPPY. And I knew that other women wanted this too. So now, 4 years later I’ve worked with over 700 women on their journey to creating healthy, vibrant versions of themselves. Using my Movement Muse, my inner goddess is more radiant than ever, and I know that this is the secret sauce to conquering our fitness fears.

Your Movement Muse (by my definition) is your signature body-wiggling cocktail that not only reaps the normal benefits of exercise, but makes you feel like a sexy, I-can-do-anything badass. It can be as unique as your fingerprint and MUST feel good. Knowing your Movement Muse means that you never EVER have to dread going to the gym or getting in a workout just to burn calories so you can eat more food. It can change directions like the wind and is rooted in the foundation of YOU being the one who gets to decide HOW you move that day.

Ready to find your Movement Muse? Great! Start by doing this:

  1. List all the ways you truly enjoy moving your beautiful body.

  2. List the things you’ve always wanted to try as it pertains to moving your beautiful body.

  3. List the things that you know are super good for you — that you know will bring massive benefits to your beautiful body.

  4. Do a combination of those throughout your week. Move your body with intention at least 10 minutes a day, every day.

That’s it! For me, my Movement Muse is a weekly combination of hot yoga, a distance run, hip-hop dance, primal movement with a steel mace and handstand practice. It works for me & never leaves me bored! If you can clarify what you truly desire, your Movement Muse will work for you, too!

For a complete list of movement ideas you can add to your Movement Muse, check out:

I’d love to hear what you discovered and what kind of weekly routine you create for yourself! Send me an email with your list and your questions about this process of discovery! I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Happy Moving!

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