• Danielle Bryan

Letter: Thanksgiving 2019

Beautiful one--

It's Thanksgiving- And with that, comes celebration, gathering & Gratitude for all that is unfolding within & around us. My life is taking quite the interesting turn- And, while I don't have a ton of language around it, what I do have is this-

Immense Gratitude.

For you.

For every individual that has made their way onto my path through horses, fitness, meditation, retreats, whatever way it's been. You're here with me. And so much of my desire is rooted in staying connected to the like-souled individuals in my life. That's you my friend. If you're here, reading this email, expending your time & energy to absorb my words, please know how eternally grateful I am for you. Thanksgiving should be a time for looking back long enough to see how far we've come over the past 11 months of 2019. Isn't that WILD to think about? Tell me, what is the one thing that you're most grateful for that came into your life in 2019? Write me back, I would love to hear.

As for me- most of my attention is rooted in the here & now where I am on day 5 of healing a very very injured low back. I haven't experienced physical pain much like what this was for me. I woke up Monday unable to make any movements without a surging pain up my spine. Now, there are both physical & nonphysical things that contributed to what I've experienced this week. On the physical, basically, I got in a surfing accident in Costa Rica. A wave crushed me into the sandbar, snapped my knee & caused some disruption in my hips & low back. It just took this long to manifest. On the non-physical plane, this injury represents a final layer of fear I am letting go of around my place in the world. On the work I am here to do. On the people I am here to serve. The last month, it's gotten CRYSTAL clear. So, I knew I would need to shed the old belief systems physically. And well, HERE IT IS! Major back pain!!! My friend, are you willing to look at the energetic causes behind what comes up on your life path? Are you willing to go a layer deeper & find the meaning to which will serve your highest good? Because, ultimately, Everything is always working out for us. And Ultimately, The Universe WANTS us to have the most beautiful, fully expressed, joy-filled life possible. And Truly, The Journey, My Work, the People are Serve, are all about getting our 'lower' human self out of the way so our Higher Self can shine through. It's in Me and, It's in You.

So with me, I invite you to take a Giant Breath in- hold it hold it hold it And a huge Exhale out.

Feeling the essence of your own being Is why You are Here.

And I'm so Grateful for you being here. Thank you, I love You. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

All my Love,


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