Shedding The Layers

I would like to bring some light around a recent post from our DragonFit support group…….

“Ok ladies this is something that has heavily been weighing on my mind today ... have any of you felt like others are annoyed or upset with your new found happiness and lifestyle choices. I’m having a really hard time dealing with this lately and it almost led me to some self-sabotage this weekend! I need advice! I’ve never been so happy about the choices I’m making .... but when ppl you have been close to for decades aren’t supportive it puts a negative tone in your mind sometimes”

This is such a perfect question. Such a perfect reflection. And I honor Ali for sharing this.

Let’s Dive In.

Some people are NOT going to like it when you change. Some people are going to have BIG TIME issues with you taking a stance for your mental & physical well-being. One of the side-effects of this ever-evolving journey is you start to question the things that you were taught about self-care and health in general. You start to realize that we were lied to in many ways about how this should all go down. And you start to make your own decisions for yourself. Then you start FEELING the difference. You start feeling BETTER, and that’s empowering as fuck. But what happens when someone who is chilling in your ‘old’ vibration way of being comes in and knocks the wind out of your sails by questioning your newfound strength? I can tell you, after being a mirror to HUNDREDS of women’s journeys by now, that this ALWAYS happens. So what do we do?!

I remember when I went plant based in 2014. I was chin-deep in the steak-munching race horse industry. I was raised by farmers & most of my clients were rural America farmers who produce meat & cheese to make a living. Oh the holy shit storm I received when I would gently turn away animal products. Sometimes I would eat it just so I wouldn’t get the comments thrown at me. One time I even pretended to eat it & wrapped an entire chicken breast in my napkin at dinner (oopsy). If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me ‘Well where do you get your protein?”. Have you seen me lately? These strong lady quads have NO PROBLEM getting protein 😉. It became very uncomfortable for me to be around people who were no longer aligned with my way of being. I became pretty isolated & focused solely on studying up to make SURE that the choices that I was making for my health were validated. Sure enough, they were & still are.

So how did I shift & how do YOU shift to a place where you can both rock your journey to badassery AND be kind to the people you love?

  1. It’s going to start with you getting REALLY CONVICTED in your WHY. Why are you desiring to change your habits? Why do you want to feel good? Why are you on this path? I can tell you, the benefits are endless. But you need to be convicted in this so that no matter what judgement stone is thrown your way, you Still Stand Tall. 

  2. You need to be OKAY with separating yourself from negative, toxic bullshit. Everyone is living their own reality. Everyone is making choices that affect their path. People who are quick to judge & quick to throw negative energy to you are likely doing the same thing in their inner dialogue. Let them be in their shit. Love them right there. But DECIDE that it won’t bring you down. DECIDE that you’re stronger than that. And give yourself enough space to where you aren’t affected by it daily. You must be in a positive place to make positive changes. Manage your energy accordingly. 

  3. Stay in Action. And if you let the negativity get to you like our friend Ali did, don’t condemn yourself! You’re still human! We all are! But the more you stay in action each & every day towards the incredible superhuman you are creating, the less power negativity will have over you. Because it just feels so damn good to be in the light. So damn good to be making good choices for our bodies. The more ACTION you put towards this, the more you feel it. 

  4. Some people may need to go. And can be really super tough. Which is why I recommend you create conversation around this with someone that you trust. If there is someone in your life who pulls you down BIGTIME; you may need to cut them out of your life completely. Now, this doesn’t have to be a soap opera drag-out deletion. But it might take having a responsible, clear conversation with that person & explain to them that somehow, every time you are around them you just don’t feel good. Wish them luck. Give them love for their journey & send them on their way. You keep doin’ you boo. 

Much of this journey my friends is simply Shedding Layers. Shedding layers of our own thought processes that no longer serve us. Shedding layers of habits that have left us chugging along in a hamster wheel of stuck-ness. Shedding layers of body fat & disease. Shedding layers of people in our life that are toxic. It is a natural part of this process. What I can tell you is that If you are seriously committed to your growth, and if you are seriously ready to feel incredible; the shedding layer portion of this can be quite enjoyable. Because THAT’S what this is all about. Enjoying the fucking ride that we are ALL on. It’s so amazing to be on this ride with you. 

Thank You. I Love You. 

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