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Illumination Meditation


Starts September 1st - October 27th

Light Leader....

The World is Ready for You.


Dive Deeper into your Personal Meditation Practice while learning valuable tools to offer this priceless practice to the people in your life.

The New Paradigm is here.

Get ahead of the game and Be a Solution for Global Healing through the Ancient Power of Meditation.


Illumination Meditation Teacher Training is a 9 Week Virtual Training with the intention of providing each student with the tools to confidently Teach & Guide

8 different Meditation & Breathwork techniques.

You will learn how to Speak & Share from your Heart Space while guiding impactful meditation practices to uplift humanity.

You will fully step into your New Paradigm Leadership & be left with tools to offer this incredible practice to the World.

"We must be the Change we wish to see in the World" -Gandhi

- 9 Weekly Virtual Meetings on Tuesday's  6:00-8:00pm CST (recorded)

-Welcome kit with crystals & essential oils

-Small Group support

-45 minute strategy session with Danielle Bryan

-Personalized Feedback on your teaching

-*bonus* "Create your Offering" webinar after the training

illumination: (v) to bring forth the light

Each week, our virtual meetings will cover;

1) Stepping into Light Leadership

2) Meditation Science & Research

3) Heart-Based Communication Skills

4) A New Meditation Technique

The Practices you will learn to Teach are:

Week 1: Building a Foundation for Light Leadership

Week 2: Present Moment Awareness Meditation

Week 3: Body Scan Meditation

Week 4: Guided Visualization Meditation

Week 5: Light from the Heart Meditation

Week 6: Energy Centers/Chakra Meditation

Week 7: Spinal Breath Meditation

Week 8: Energized Breathing Meditation

Week 9: Kundalini Breathwork Meditation

Each week, there will be follow-up homework & you will upload your *own* meditations to share & receive feedback from your small group.

-For the man or woman ready to step up your meditation practice & deepen connection to Self.

-For the human ready to make a change on the planet.

-For the Spirituality-curious who want to be a leader in the New Paradigm.

-For the parent ready to share this with your family.

-For the career person ready to offer this in the workplace.

-For the business-owner ready to anchor this into your team.

-For anyone ready to offer meditation to the world!

Hi friends! I am so excited for this course & what will unfold on the journey together!


I've been studying, guiding & offering meditation since 2015 and it's become an integral part of my business & life.

I have guided public meditations for groups from 10-200 people and every time I am left with the massive desire & readiness that people have for this practice. Which is why I decided it was time for me to Teach Teachers!

I am passionate about being a Leader in the New Paradigm here on Planet Earth. What this means is I make it a cornerstone in my life to be of service to those who are ready to be a Light in the world. Those who are ready to represent something beyond surface level. If that's you, join us for this training & let's usher in the New Paradigm, together!

"I am a person who typically struggles with meditation and breath work. Through Danielle's session I was able to totally connect and free my mind. It was an inspiring experience and encouraged me to continue practicing meditation!"

-Shannon H


"Danielle's voice is so soothing and she really guides me through the most wonderful experiences. I feel really connected and tapped into source energy during her meditations, they flow so well."

-Kasey C.

"Working with Danielle, I feel more prepared & confident in going after my dreams. She helps me see that anything is possible when I believe in myself. After working together, I've created my own brand that's making an impact in the world!"

-Jennifer F.

 Teacher Training Investment:

Two payments of $300

Total Investment: $600


Total Course Value:

30 Hours of Training: $1,200

Welcome Kit: $50

Strategy Session: $200

Brand Webinar: $200

Total Value: $1,650

Space is limited!

Secure your spot below with the first $300 payment. Second payment will automatically withdrawal one month later.